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I don’t speak French but I now know Etienne de Crécy is synonymous with funky beats. The incredible thing about the music world is there are artists who have been perfecting their craft for years, if not decades, and one day you suddenly have a whole new world opened up to you. That’s what happened with me when I saw a new Beatangers remix posted on SoundCloud. I don’t claim to know every artist out there, but part of the fun with blogging comes the opportunity to discover new music that I can then in turn show someone else for the first time. I follow the Beatangers because they produce some funky ass House music and I made note to check out the “Hashtag My Ass” EP when it dropped today. What I discovered was nothing short of awesome and I’m convinced that if you love Nu-Disco, you’ll love what you find with the Hashtag My Ass Remixes EP.

So, who is Etienne de Crécy? He is a “rhythm composer” from Paris who has been climbing through the ranks over the past 20 years. Etienne de Crécy has worked with artists like Alex Gopher, Air, Cassius and DJ Mehdi. On his SoundCloud page, it’s written that Etienne de Crécy “has always rejected the facile, remaining fiercely loyal to old-school house and choosing to extensively explore electronic music’s underground labyrinths rather than tread the beaten paths of commercial success.” Perhaps that’s why I hadn’t previously heard of Etienne – but there’s no time like the present! The song “Hashtag My Ass” piqued my interest on its own and there’s even an Instagram campaign going on behind it where fans can submit their own pictures to create a homemade music video experience. The original mix dropped in August and has that old-school House and new-school Nu-Disco sound throughout. Though they haven’t been at it for nearly as long, I’m reminded of the duo Oliver when hearing “Hashtag My Ass”. Other remixes on this release are by the Beatangers, Jean Tonique, Twinsmatic, and Miguel Campbell. Though I love the Nu-Disco vibes on the original mix, I’ve got to hand it to the Beatangers for throwing down an incredibly funky and faster-pasted House version of the original.

The “Hashtag My Asss” EP is available now on iTunes and make sure to go out and support all artists involved!

Here’s the Jean Tonique Remix:

Etienne de Crécy – Hashtag My Ass (Jean Tonique remix)