Rodriguez – Sugar Man (The Goldfish Remix)


Dominic Peters and David Poole are the South African duo Goldfish. If you like good dance music you’ve likely heard of Goldfish and you probably keep them on frequent rotation. The duo just played a sold out show here in San Francisco and they’re currently amidst a U.S. tour that has them stopping in LA, Denver, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Boston (Halloween!), Chicago, and plenty more. Thanks to the 2012 Oscar-winning documentary “Searching For Sugar Man”, the incredible tale of American recording artist Sixto “Jesús” Rodriguez has been heard by millions of music fans worldwide. The entire soundtrack of “Searching For Sugar Man” was produced by Rodriguez and one of his standout tracks is called “Sugar Man”. Goldfish have remixed the track into a Deep, “Dreamy” House tune that is about as far away from EDM as you can get. The official press release for the Goldfish remix says:

“The deep, dreamy remix is testament not only to Goldfish’s high-end production and composition skills, but also their close affinity to and understanding of the track. The hazy, heady, almost hallucinogenic spirit of Rodriguez’ ‘Sugar Man’ is still very much intact, in parts stripped down to a few lush piano chords, other times sweeping the listener up in a warm envelope of sound and emotion, Rodriguez’ haunting vocals guiding the single the entire time.”

Goldfish’s remix of “Sugar Man” is now #1 on the Hype Machine main chart and #1 on the remix chart – if the guys can prove that people love the remix, Rodriguez might agree to release it officially. For now, click play and enjoy!