Bunny Tiger Selection Vol.6 Mixed & Compiled By Sharam Jey

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.53.28 PM
I would have to consider Sharam Jey one of todays most productive and consistent names in house music as he constantly showcases his ability to utilize and manipulate the genre. With that said this compilation also comes from another extremely productive entity, as well as Jey’s label, the notorious Bunny Tiger Records. Today we have sixteen tracks compiled by Sharam himself, consisting of a load of amazing g-house and indie dance tracks from some of the newer names and producers on the scene. I really enjoyed listening through the playlist and then listening to the mix after, as then I was really able to focus in on the transitions and hear how Jey moved from one song to the next. This is a super fun playlist but be sure to check out the mix as well, and once again we cannot thank Sharam Jey and Bunny Tiger enough for yet another awesome compilation!