Grum – The Trine EP

grum trine ep

Grummy Grum Grum. Just kind of rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? I took some poetic license with Graeme Shepherd’s stage name, and you have to admit it’s one that certainly sticks out – much like his music. Since I’m such a big fan of artists that come out of the Anjunabeats camp, I’ve been hearing Grum’s name quite a bit over the past year or so. But nothing caught my ear quite like his track “Builder”, which premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 First Play about a month ago. I’ve been thinking about how to write this post without mentioning Eric Prydz’s name, but there’s just no way I can. Any fan of Prydz, like myself, will hear elements of Pryda in this three-song release (Grum’s first on Anjunabeats). “Builder” is by far the most unique, and as Annie Mac whispers on her cut “so good”. To me, “Builder” is a name fitting to the song as it builds elements in a true Progressive House fashion, but is a fantastic song because the fat Dusky-esque bass lines compliment the melodic synths so well.

While “Builder” ultimately led me to take a deeper interest in Grum, I’m happy to have heard the other tracks on this release – “U” and “Lightspeed”. “U” was featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast as episode 130’s Record of the Week. While “Builder” is like Deep House meets Progressive House, “U” and “Lightspeed” are more Progressive House that could easily be catalogued in the Pryda camp. “U” is more melodic and fitting for something like an Above & Beyond podcast, but “Lightspeed” really does feel like it could be found in the middle of a monster Eric Prydz live set.

Grum, if you’re reading this, I do apologize for all the parallels I’m drawing to another artist in the dance music world. Though, if anything, take it as a compliment as I consider Eric Prydz to be in a league of his own. Grum, your productions really do impress me and I’m very much looking forward to hearing what you cook up next, as well as hopefully seeing you perform live.

Grum’s EP dropped last week on Beatport so make sure to grab it and show him love if you like what you hear! Oh, and check out his fantastic Essential Mix from 2014.