Win Tickets to HUSHFest Jack London Square on 6.20.15!


Well our friends at HUSHConcerts are at it again, this time giving you a chance to experience their amazing all-day silent disco free of charge. On Saturday June 20th, HUSHFest heads to Oakland’s Jack London Square for a full day of music and dancing. As always, you can experience the music of two different DJs at any given time, thanks to the 2-channel headphones HUSHConcerts hands you in exchange for your ticket. For HUSHFest Jack London Square you can listen to Soul/Funk/Disco/Hip-Hop on one channel while you get some House/Breaks/EDM/Drum & Bass on the other.

I feel like a broken record preaching how much fun these silent discos are, but in case you missed my preview of HUSHFest Ocean Beach last weekend you can check it HERE. While it may sound a bit silly to try and sell people on a silent disco, and knowing how weird it looks from an outsider’s perspective, it’s really something you need to experience first-hand to truly understand. Last weekend on Ocean Beach here in San Francisco was an incredibly fun afternoon. While the sky was gray, that didn’t stop thousands of people from dancing, smiling, and having an overall great time. The beach was cleaner after the event than it was before, and that’s a testament to how great the people are who attend these events.

Having become good friends with the kind folks who help put on HUSHConcerts’ events, I know that the good vibes come from the top down. In fact, I’ve been to more HUSHConcerts’ events in the past few weeks than I have regular concerts or festivals. There’s nothing better than an all-day party and that’s exactly why anyone living in the Bay Area should enter for their chance to win FREE TICKETS.

The contest is open to anyone and a winner will be selected at random on Friday evening June 19th. If you prefer to buy tickets, head here:

Click here for the Facebook event!

Good luck!

HushFest Jack London Square Ticket Contest