Amine Edge & Dance Explain Their Musical Evolution, How They Sign Records to CUFF, and Their Favorite Sandwich in Our Exclusive Interview

Amine Edge & Dance are one of my favorite House duos creating and curating in the industry today. While I was originally hooked on their pioneering G-House flavor, the duo work tirelessly to evolve their sound, grow their record label, and DJ epic parties around the world. Amine Edge & Dance have some very exciting things in store for 2017 and they graciously answered some of our questions and our readers’ questions amid their busy schedules. See below for insight into the duo’s music, their label, their shows, and even what sandwiches they like to eat. (MMIBTY): Describe the evolution of your music. You became known for G-House but it’s been a while since you released a notable G-House track. Why have you moved away from this style?
Amine Edge & Dance (AE&D): It’s very simple, we created G-House in 2012, it’s been a while now, Making the same genre of music is very boring to us, we don’t like this genre anymore and so we evolve where our heart and passion lead us, but we can’t describe our evolution, we go with the flow, we don’t do a track or play a kind of music to achieve something, we do what we want to do, when we want to do, thats the key of our happiness and healthy life, of course we could have chosen to keep doing the best G-House tracks and rocking all the main stage, but it’s too easy, we like challenges.

MMIBTY: You’ve been spending a lot of time on your label CUFF and there’s been some excellent music coming from it. How do you go about deciding if a song is good enough to sign to your label?
AE&D: We play the track we like in club, if we keep playing it for months it’s a sign, because we get bored very quickly of tracks, so if one track is played a lot it means for us that people are gonna love it and it has potential. Sometimes we’re wrong but we still love the track and are honest with our feelings.

MMIBTY: How many demos do you get per week/month/year?
AE&D: Around 700 tracks a week, and we listen to them all.

MMIBTY: What can we expect from CUFF in the coming year?
AE&D: Nothing new really, we’re gonna keep signing tracks we love, and do some good parties where we feel very good and comfortable with the clubs like Ministry Of Sound in London.

MMIBTY: Describe your ideal party to DJ.
AE&D: It would be somewhere nice, an open-air party, before the sunset, with a cool crowd who enjoy whatever we play, just enjoying themselves and enjoying quality music.

MMIBTY: What hip hop artists are you currently into right now?
AE&D: Drake of course, his album More Life is amazing, Giggs is dope too, of course Migos

MMIBTY: What show/festival appearance are you most excited about?
AE&D: We recently signed onto Defected, so they booked us in their new residency in Ibiza at Eden, it’s gonna be dope. They also added us to DEFECTED Croatia which is very dope. Our CUFF night at Ministry of Sound in London on May 13th is gonna be amazing too with Jesse Perez, Tripmastaz, Phil Weeks, and Chicks Luv Us.
We’re gonna have our first Brazil tour with our new agency Entourage and we’re really excited about it and the new development there. We’re gonna do a CUFF night at Razzmatazz during Sonar with a dope lineup. We’re coming back to the US in August. etc…

MMIBTY: How do you go about getting clearance to use samples in tracks or edits?
AE&D: We know people and they make it happen, or not…

MMIBTY: How’d you come up with the name of your label CUFF?
AE&D: Mike Palladino from the US found it, we were looking for a catchy name with one syllable, and because he is from New York he knows all the slang from every corner he came up with this, and it means Cool and Tough, CUFF.

MMIBTY: How is the CUFF sound received in US v EU?
AE&D: Very well actually, even now that our sound is a bit more mature and sophisticated, people follow us and keep showing love to the label, its amazing.

MMIBTY: What do your parents think about your music?
AE&D: They don’t really understand but they are happy for us haha

MMIBTY: Is Bass House the next Dubstep?
AE&D: It already is, what you actually hear in the US called G-House is actually Dubstep with a 4×4 beat. It’s just our opinion but we kinda know what we talking about when it comes to specific genres and knowing what is what.

MMIBTY: Is there such thing as halfway crooks? If so, what are they?
AE&D: It’s just a track, chill bruhhh XD

MMIBTY: What VSTs do you recommend?
AE&D: ReFX Nexus will always be a classic, also the whole Arturia Collection and the Native Instrument Komplete with Maschine, it’s a dope combo.

MMIBTY: Who’s your favorite artist that you’ve gone b2b with?
AE&D: We don’t do many B2B as we already are a B2B duo haha, but Chicks Luv Us, Tim Baresko, Sirus Hood, Roger Sanchez, MK, always fun to do it with them.

MMIBTY: What DJ would you love to go b2b with?
AE&D: Loco Dice, Kerri Chandler, it’s hard to tell, the list is huge haha

MMIBTY: Which artist would you love to produce a track with?
AE&D: Armand Van Helden, Tiga, KiNK, The Martinez Brothers, MK, Jamie Jones, and many many more, the list is very long too, the time and the opportunities are very short…

MMIBTY: What’s your favorite type of sandwich?
AE&D: The classic from Marseille when we were kids, Steak, Fries, Mayonaise, French Baguette !!!

MMIBTY: If you started a festival what would it be called and what would the main theme be?
AE&D: We have no idea….

MMIBTY: Outside of House and Hip Hop, what musical artist are you inspired by right now?
AE&D: Sampha is dope, Mr Oizo always.

HUGE thanks goes out to Amine Edge & Dance and their management and PR teams. You can catch the guys tomorrow night at Exchange in LA with special guests Will Clarke and Walker & Royce.