New ODESZA Just Dropped Today – Line Of Sight & Late Night

The wait is finally over for all the Odesza fans out there who have been patiently on the watch for new music to come out. I was lucky enough to catch one their last shows from the In Return Tour in San Francisco, back in December of 2015. Not knowing much of their music, I was awed at the sight of a sold out Bill Graham crowd with not much space to move around. The show production was outstanding, with dreamy visuals throughout and a beautiful sparkle shower during the last song, Odesza had ultimately stolen my heart with their performance.

On Odesza’s spotify page, an encrypted playlist showed up a few days ago with a morse code as a title and no songs published. The fans quickly caught up to the clues, and decrypted the code which translated to 4/25 aka TODAY! The new single is called “Line Of Sight” featuring WYNNE & Mansionair.

Fans weren’t sure if they would drop an entire album, or a single, and on their social media pages yesterday, Odesza confirmed what we have long awaited for. The duo posted a nice video compilation of fan’s tweets asking for new Odesza music, followed by the caption “Tomorrow.”

“Line Of Sight” feat. WYNNE & Mansionair is Odesza’s first release in over a year and a half. The duo did not disappoint on the Odesza’s trademark sound of dreamy vibes and synths along with the soft vocals throughout the song. In an interview with Billboard, the duo revealed the process of making the single:

“We linked up with WYNNE, and this song started out as an idea that he emailed to us. We traded versions back-and-forth, and also sent the song to Mansionair in Australia, to see if they had ideas for it. They added the backing vocals, and it fit really well with WYNNE’s lead vocal.”

With the new single, we can’t wait to see what else Odesza has in their pocket for us this year. Odesza’s one half Harrison Mills also mentioned that “since In Return came out, we’ve grown a lot as musicians and producers, and feel like we’re closer than ever to making this bigger cinematic sound we have in our heads.” 

As I was finishing up this post, Odesza posted a new track, “Late Night” on their Spotify page. Out of the two new releases, Late Night definitely stood out more for me, bringing the energetic cinematic feel that Odesza’s known for and taking me on a feel good journey that gives you all the butterflies in your stomach, without losing the beat to take me to the dance floor.

2017 will be a promising year for the Seattle-based duo, as we wait for the full album release. Odesza will be playing a double show at Red Rocks this Memorial Weekend, May 27-28, as well as headlining Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle on Labor Day Weekend, Sep. 1 – 3, and we hope for a tour announcement very soon!

Check out the new single below: