Malaa’s Illegal Mixtape Out Now Via Confession

Future house genius Tchami has been building up quite the squad via his new record label entitled Confession. Tchami told Billboard during a recent interview that he built the label with his main mission being simply that “I want to help create a bigger picture for a song, an EP or any form of musical project that Confession will be involved with”. After recruiting the likes Malaa, Gerry Gonza, Dillon Nathaniel, Dateless, and many more we are really starting to see the fruits of Tchami’s labor! So today I bring you Malaa’s brand new Illegal Mixtapewith a plethora of deep, tech, and future house this is one hell of a playlist that will surely have you sweating by the end. Bring this one to the gym, the pregame, or the club, because as far as we can tell the Confession Label is by all means going to be a serious force to watch out for in 2017. Enjoy the playlist below and then be sure to head over to the Confession Soundcloud and Facebook to keep up with all their newest!