Electric Island Is Bringing The Real Fireworks to Canada Day

*All words by Feras Khatib on assignment for MMIBTY*

High water levels and flooding means this festival won’t take place on an island but don’t fret! The organizers behind this quickly-growing festival anticipated the speed bump and the show will go on. For starters, the lineup is mind-boggling. Jaw dropping headliners like Maceo Plex, Richie Hawtin, and Atish will surely delight. Toss in DJs that can headline their own shows on any given night and you have a recipe that’s bound for success.

It’s standard protocol to go over the acts that have us shaking in our boots with excitement. Here are a few that we’re looking forward to this Canada Day, July 1st in Toronto.

1.) Maceo Plex – No stranger to the spotlight, Maceo Plex has an uncanny ability to sweep the audience off their feet with a wide variety of tracks. This set is a perfect example of him switching styles and taking you on a journey unlike any other.

2.) Richie Hawtin – Hawtin is a grizzled veteran hailing from the suburbs of Windsor, Ontario. He was an influential part of the Detroit Techno movement and continues to push the boundaries of the genre like no one else can. His talents not only include creating masterful shows like ENTER but also curating an expert list of Sake with ENTER.Sake. Keep up with his latest projects here: http://m-nus.com

Here is a favorite of his ENTER series with fellow headliner Maceo Plex

3.) Atish – Being a San Francisco local, I can tell you about this magician also known as Atish. His music takes you on a mythical adventure and no two sets are the same. Expect a uniquely crafted set specifically for this event that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy this set from Deep House Amsterdam to warm you up before the festival

4.) Recondite – As if there wasn’t enough to get excited about, we have Recondite – and Live at that. Hailing from Germany, he brings with him a blend of deep house and techno vibes surely to leave the audience in a trance. Here’s an essential mix that is exemplary some of Recondite’s well known acid techno flavor:

To say I am excited for this one would be an understatement. Be sure to plan accordingly with the weather forecast, and if you’re up for the task maybe we’ll see you at the official after party as well.