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Denver’s Rising Star: Tech-House Producer Aaron Bordas

Co-written with Sarah Ferri

It’s no secret that amidst the mountains and head shops, Colorado has become home to a growing community of musical talent. With big names like Pretty Lights, Griz and Sunsquabi hailing from within its borders, you kind of have to wonder if it has something to do with the air (or lack thereof).

In Denver, shows take place every night of the week, and they’re always packed as if no one has to wake up for work the next morning. Local venues and artist collectives often book a well-balanced proportion of heavy hitters and new talent – the perfect space for emerging artists to develop their sound.

Colorado native Aaron Bordas is one of the fast-rising DJs and producers shaping Denver’s vibrant music scene. For over a decade, Aaron has played everything from small local venues like Cervantes and Club Vinyl to large national festivals like Decadence. Most recently he was voted Electronic Colorado’s top DJ in Colorado. Aaron’s prominent role in the scene has allowed him to see firsthand the evolution of the city’s flourishing dance music community.

“Everyone is so open minded here [Denver],” says Aaron. “They see you crushing it and want to support you – not get in your way. There’s so many artists with so many different sounds, and they all support each other.”

It’s this very kind of support that makes the music in Denver so special. The crossover of genres, exposure to various styles, and the city’s passionate community has in large part contributed to Aaron’s own distinctive style.

With a deep-rooted love for house music, Aaron seamlessly fuses driving bass lines with sophisticated and harmonious melodies, while still managing to hang onto that dark techno sound.

“What makes house music so interesting is that we all have the same platform—four-on-the-floor—but you can do so many different things with it,” says Aaron.

If you’ve ever been to one of Aaron’s sets, you know you’re in for a deep, dark and mind-bending trip that transports you to a higher dimension. “The dark side of enlightenment,” in Aaron’s words.

“People have this idea about what house music is,“ says Aaron. “I want to change people’s minds about it…it’s an intelligent sound that has the power to excite, inspire and, most importantly, connect us to ourselves and each other.”

Connect with Aaron Bordas Music on SoundcloudFacebook and Instagram. If you happen to be in the Denver area this weekend stop by his headlining show at Club Vinyl Saturday July 1st.