Shane 54: I didn’t know what to expect…

The Church
was hardly recognizable this past Friday without the snaking line of trance fans leading up to its doors. Walking onto the main dance floor was equally as unexpected. For the first time in my memory I could not only use the lungs that god gave me but also freely move my arms. Who was I seeing? Shane 54.

Many of you might recognize the name Shane 54, or Császár Előd, as half of the famous trance duo Myon & Shane 54. Back in in June of 2016 the two announced a split to “focus on individual endeavors.” Since that announcement that’s kind of what they have been doing.

On March 16th, Myon released the first episode of his weekly trance podcast Ride Radio featuring guest mixes with Armin Van Buuren, Ilan Bluestone, Cosmic Gate, Fatum and Sunny Lax, among others. Myon’s new radio show comes in the wake of a handful of independent song releases.

Shane 54 has continued to host the group’s legacy radio show, International Departures. On May 22nd his second single, First Time, premiered on Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance #814. In support of this single, Shane 54 has been selectively touring the United States with his most recent stop in Denver.

Equipped with this small amount of information, I dragged my friend Sara the 6 some-odd blocks down to the venue. Neither of us knew what to expect… so like the rational pessimists we are, we expected the worst.

Instead, Sarah and I got to experience an unforgettable, and might I mention exclusive, set at one of the most magical venues in Denver. Shane 54 got up on stage and played a collection of the most beautiful, ethereal anjuna tracks with an energy and passion that is rarely observed onstage. Amidst the crowd of 100 some odd faces were sprinkled countless smiles. Some were anjuna fam, all were happy to be there.

The shared intimacy of Shane 54’s set is one of the aspects that drew me to trance in the first place. All of us occasionally fall victim to characterizing the night by the size of the crowd. Last Friday I was pleasantly reminded that the feels of 100 can be equally as powerful if not more than a room packed full of 500 fans.

Thank you again for an amazing night.