Gramatik & Eric Krasno Team Up For Some “Recovery”

“My head is aching from last night” is the opening line to the new collaboration from producer/DJ Gramatik and guitarist-turned-producer Eric Krasno, and those words hit all too close to home. Eric Krasno is most famous for his work with Soulive and Lettuce and Gramatik has been making a name for himself for years in the Electronic world. Both of these gentlemen are big favorites of mine and it’s easy to see why – as they share a love for Soul, Funk, and epic jams. I was excited just to see the two had teamed up to produce a song and after hearing “Recovery”, it was exactly what I was hoping it would be and more.

Due to an unfortunate leg injury, Gramatik had been sidelined from touring and instead spent his time back in the studio. When Gramatik heard Eric Krasno’s track “Recovery”, which was due to be part of a larger concept album, he related to the hook and started to add his part. The result, to me, is nothing short of perfect and despite Gramatik’s unlucky injury fans can be happy that inspiration comes from the least likely of places. Even better news? Gramatik and Krasno supposedly have more tunes in the works!

“Recovery” is out FOR FREE today on Gramatik’s label Lowtemp. If you like what you hear show the boys some love!

“Recovery” is a track I initially wrote as part of a concept album I’ve been working on (coming early 2018). Gramatik heard it and instantly wanted to work on it. He had been through an intense leg injury and really related to the hook of the song. He then flipped it on its head in the best way possible…. I love working with him; his tracks always feel and sound amazing. We have also have a few more tracks in the works.”
– Eric Krasno