Moon Boots Nails His ‘First Landing’

Last Friday Peter Dougherty, known to his fans as Moon Boots, dropped his first album that was two years in the making. Aptly titled First Landing, the collection features ten original tracks from the Deep House and Downtempo world. Many of the tracks contain guest vocals – from the likes of King Kona, Nic Hanson, Anthony & Cleopatra, Black Gatsby, Fiora, Janelle Kroll, and Lulu James – which add dreamy vibes to the already-melodic compositions.

I feel like a proud dad dropping his child off for their first day of school – except in this case, the child is my album and the school is the Internet and…OK, bad analogy.

-Moon Boots on his album release 8.4.17

The title of the album alone, First Landing, has a couple meanings to me. The more obvious meaning revolves around Moon Boots’ stage name which is unique and fitting given Peter’s tendency to play and produce fun bouncy music. I don’t think I have to spell it out for you that the “first landing” phrase often refers to that thing that shines in the sky at night. I like the name First Landing because it shows a milestone in Moon Boots’ career by releasing his first full-length album ever.

Musically, the album is a bit more mellow than I was expecting – but that’s not a bad thing! I’ve fallen in love with Moon Boots’ music because historically it hovers in the Disco and Soul realms of House music, with fun 4×4 beats and melodic tones. First Landing does contain some of these types of tracks such as “I Want Your Attention” (possibly my favorite on the LP), “Never Get To You”, and “Tear My Heart”. Plus we get some Deep House tracks that scream Anjunadeep (the fantastic label that released First Landing) like “Red Sky” and “First Landing”.  Other tracks on the album slow the BPMs down and create a dreamy atmosphere for winding down your night or cuddling up with that special someone. Overall the album is a fantastic effort and shows Moon Boots’ versatility, uniqueness, and creativity. It’s obvious no corners were cut.

I’ve gotten to know Moon Boots over the years and beyond his fantastic music he is a genuine person who cares about his fans and the integrity of the scene. Someone like Moon Boots is not to be taken for granted as he has that rare gift of combined production and DJ talent. The folks at Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep has certainly recognized that and taken Moon Boots under his wings including the massive ABGT250 set to go off next month at the Gorge.

Moon Boots is on tour now so check out where you can see him and make sure to enjoy and support the incredible music below!