Oregon Eclipse: More Than Just a Party, It’s An Experience

*All words by Feras Khatib on assignment for MMIBTY*

There has been a long history of partiers chasing the next eclipse around the world. Starting off with hundreds of people and growing into the highly-anticipated event is due to unfold in less than a month, these events have taken place in Venezuela, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Siberia, Japan, Australia and more. The next iteration is going to be the biggest yet: Oregon Eclipse. Well known festival organizers like Symbiosis, Bass Coast, and Envision Festival are all teaming up to bring their collective experiences together and make this one special.

Taken from the Oregon Eclipse website: “Oregon Eclipse 2017 is a destination event. The site is far from populated areas and cut off from phone reception which takes all who come further away from the default world of meetings, commutes, and daily grind. Most people in attendance will travel a great distance and make a great commitment to share in this experience. These are the people who we wish to commune with. Dedicated, authentic seekers of awe and truth and beauty.”

For a week, people will forget about their day to day grind and be immersed in an experience that is sure to teach, entertain, and provide people with a different perspective. The experience will not come easy, it will take time to plan, to travel, and set up, but the collective effort is what will truly prove to be rewarding.


Music is not the only experience to be had during Oregon Eclipse but it is one of the primary driving factors. There are seven stages planned for the event: Eclipse, Sun, Earth, Moon, Sky, Silk Road, and Big Top. Acts range from various genres of electronic music to rap to folk lore and even to trapeze performances. There is something for everyone to enjoy but this is also a moment to explore and step out of one’s preferences and comfort zones.

There is simply too much going on to condense into an article, so our team suggests exploring Oregon Eclipse’s website to get familiar with what’s going on and to learn about the artists in detail. Here are some acts I am personally looking forward to:

Eclipse Stage

  • The Glitch Mob (DJ Set)

Sun Stage

  • Hallucinogen (DJ Set)

Moon Stage

  • Machinedrum
  • &ME and Damian Lazarus


One of my favorite aspects of community-generated events is the focus on wellbeing. One of the reasons we escape the hustle of the daily life is to enjoy ourselves and no doubt there will be fun to go along with the entertainment. True wellness comes in the form of being balanced, and with that this festival offers so much more. There is an entire lineup dedicated to yoga/meditation as well as one for kids’ entertainment for those who will be taking in this experience with their families.  There’s even a wellness oasis which is a place to heal and study subjects that you’ve always wanted to experience and learn about. Whether you want to know what to pack in your herbal first aid kit, how to use cannabis for pain relief and healing, Feng Shui your surroundings, overcome money blocks, sing kirtan, breathe freely or quickly heal from a broken relationship, you will find a treasure trove of classes to choose from in the Wellness Classroom.


Prior to the start of the festival on August 17th, there will be five days of course offerings meant to focus on the artistic side of things. Students at all levels of experience will benefit from a uniquely personalized approach as they develop and improve their fundamental techniques in painting, drawing and conceptualization from the wellspring of their imaginations. During the festival, art installations that were submitted to the festival will be on display all around giving festival goers the chance to be immersed as they travel from destination to destination.


Everything mentioned to this moment just scratches the surface of what is possible at Oregon Eclipse. There’s the Global Wheeling program dedicated to eco awareness. There are hot air balloons (get your reservations in now!) offering scenic and tethered rides. There’s a culinary pass available for purchase if your palate so desires. If I could provide any feedback, it’s to plan now and be prepared. The more planning prior to the event, the better your experience will be overall. Oh, and did I mention there will be a total solar eclipse?! The eclipse is going to happen around 10:21 am on August 21st, 2017. Make sure you have the proper glasses to see the eclipse and protect your eyes from retinal burns. Finally, PLEASE plan to leave no trace behind. I can’t stress this enough, what you bring into the festival, you must bring out.

Enjoy your Oregon Experience and hope to see you there!