Thomas Jack – The Versus EP

Greetings MMIBTY Family!

We have a great new offering from Thomas Jack, The Versus EP. This new release from the Australian producer is all about expression into a new area and diving DEEP into something brooding, dark and heavy. Mr. Jack is pushing the limits and this time around, he received some help from Australia’s Ry X and his trio The Acid.

With this new release, The Versus EP, we open up to the dark and lively tune “Shortline.” A strong & heavy beginning to this EP that sets the foundation of a wide, methodical atmosphere with a resounding bass line that draws you in and pulls you deeper within the mind of Thomas Jack. “Shortline” slowly grows with a build that envelopes your body within a shroud of bass and the combination of RY X’s elegant and emotional vocals which adds a warm soulful aura to the ever evolving song. “Basic Instinct” follows in suit with the previous track by building strong and with punches of enunciated bass. The vocals add to this universal tune as the intensity builds with tribal and bohemian textures, like dancing and spinning to the sounds of the warm atmosphere within a rain forest.
Now with the new EP spoken for I am sure you’re itching to see Mr. Jack, so we have an incredible experience just for you! Thomas jack is giving YOU the chance for a margarita meet and greet at Insomniac presents Inception Saturdays: Thomas Jack & Jax Jones at Exchange in Los Angeles this Saturday (9/23/17). Yes you did read that correctly! All you have to do is purchase a ticket and you are automatically entered to this competition! Tho ticket sales are closing fast, so act now and reserve your spot with the ticket link below to meet Thomas Jack in person!

You can purchase tickets to Insomniac presents Inception Saturdays: Thomas Jack & Jax Jones at Exchange **HERE**