Thrills and Grills Incoming This Weekend at Dirtybird BBQ Oakland

It’s my favorite time of the Summer boys and girls! Time for the Dirtybird crew to return to their Bay Area stomping grounds, light up the grills, and more importantly – light up the beats. This Saturday – yes SATURDAY – we get top notch talent in Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J. Phlip, Christian Martin, Ardalan, and Worthy playing all day to some of their biggest fans. Historically this party has been on a Sunday so this will surely open up some partiers to let even more loose than years past. And in a new fantastic location on the shores of Oakland, with a 77-degree forecast in store and epic views of San Francisco, you know this is one you can’t miss.

I’ve been writing about Dirtybird music and events for YEARS and it’s the excited feeling I have writing these posts that keeps me coming back for more. The music is always infectious, the crowd knows how to boogie, and the vibes are unmatched. I’m truly excited for another round of burgers and beats and I know my Bay Area homies are too.

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