Purple Disco Machine Remixes the Classic “At Night” by Shakedown [FUNK ALERT!]

Purple Disco Machine may be one of the most underrated artists in the game. You want to talk about consistency? Purple Disco Machine is your guy and it’s all in the name. Disco, Funk, House – these are all blended together perfectly in Purple Disco Machine’s original productions, remixes, and live sets. I personally play many songs by Purple Disco Machine, real name Tino Piontek, in my DJ sets and it’s a sure shot to get bodies moving.

PDM’s remix of “At Night” dropped last week and I couldn’t be happier as this one has been stuck in my head for weeks. The original, by Shakedown, was released over a decade ago on Defected Records so it’s only fitting that PDM’s remix comes out on the same label. The vocals are what make this song – so catchy, so infectious. PDM puts his “deep funk” twist on the track with more of a driving 4×4 beat, some wah-wah guitar licks, and my favorite percussion instrument: cowbell.

Folks, this is one for your DJ sets and your Summer playlists and you bet your ass you’ll be hearing it for the next few months. And if PDM is coming to a city near you, the only reason you should skip it is if you don’t like to dance.