Man Without a Clue Breaks It Down [BANGER ALERT!]

Man Without a Clue is my type of Dutch DJ. Over my years of listening to dance music I’ve come to associate Dutch producers with Big Room House. And while that type of dance music certainly has a place in the electronic ecosystem, my tastes have evolved to prefer more of a Tech-House styling. And that’s where Man Without a Clue excels.

In my circles Man Without a Clue, real name Alex van der Meijden, doesn’t get talked about very often if at all. But on the channels I pay the most attention to – Toolroom and Defected – he is constantly featured. “Break It Down”, one of Man Without a Clue’s most recent releases (dropped end of July), is an absolute banger and has been featured on Toolroom Radio the past few weeks capped off by an hour-long guest mix by the Dutch producer.

For me, getting in my favor is easy. Throw me a thumping 4×4 beat, a fat bass line, and a chopped-and-screwed vocal. “Break It Down” does exactly that. It’s out now on Man Without a Clue’s Clueless label and you can bet your ass there will be more deliciousness coming from him soon!