David Guetta Is Back, Jack

David Guetta…yes, David Guetta. You’re seeing this correctly. I’m writing about David Guetta. But you know what? Fuck it! He dropped some fire and I’m here to tell you about it. For those who don’t know, Guetta wasn’t always a pop diva. He got his start in underground clubs in Paris, playing proper raves and proper House music. While he may have spiraled to stardom, it’s clear with today’s release of the “Jack Back Mixtape” that Guetta still has an affinity for his roots.

Jack Back is David Guetta’s underground House alias. When I hear of artists creating alter egos I always wonder how different they’re going to be from the original. Well if you know anything of David Guetta’s pop sounds and you listen to this mixtape you’ll see they’re two entirely different artists. The Jack Back Mixtape is darker, dirtier, and ripe for the underground. It’s a little House, it’s a little Techno, and it definitely bangs with songs like “Grenade” and “Freedom”. Overall I’m reminded of some Bob Sinclar stylings (also French) or the old Avicii Strictly Miami compilation – nice and ravey. But then I hear a song like “Back and Forth” which is a Tech-House banger and I really get in the groove. I’m pretty damn impressed by this mixtape!

David Guetta is now announcing his alias ‘Jack Back’ both as a label and an artist with the release of the Jack Back Mixtape.

Guetta’s upcoming album ‘7’ represents the many different sides of his musical journey. David Guetta said the following during an exclusive in depth interview with Pete Tong: ’’7″ represents a full cycle to me and that’s why I wanted to go back to the beginning of the cycle. I originally started in underground house music, playing all the raves and underground clubs in Paris. I wanted to make music just for fun, with absolutely no commercial approach to it. I want to make every type of music that I like, I’m doing it for the love of music.’’. 

Check out the tape below and don’t sleep on his track “(It Happens) Sometimes” out now!