Product Review: PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 Earphones

Editor’s note: we were not paid to write this review. The opinions in this article are that of, independent of any outside influences

PaMu. That’s a distinctive name right? The PaMu Scroll is a distinctive product. And that’s saying something in the super saturated world of headphones, or in this case, earphones. The aim of this post is for us to give review to determine which is the best earbuds that you may love and what we think that is worth recommending, read further for more info at this website.

The PaMu Scroll is the second generation of wireless bluetooth headphones from Padmate Tech, a company whose mission is “To advance audio technology and provide fresh experiences for your modern lifestyle” according to its Facebook page. Padmate Tech finished their first generation products on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, receiving 19000+ backers and $930K in funds, and just launched their PaMu Scroll campaign last week. The team reached their backing goal in two hours, which is a testament to the awesome job they’ve done marketing the product. 

The product is certainly modern, and comes in sleek, stylish packaging once you take it out of the box. The case, shown above, fits in the palm of my hand and has two ports, one for each headphone. The case stays closed via a magnet, and there’s not much else going on besides where the earphones rest their heads at night. There’s also a port on the side for charging the case, which in turn charges the earphones when they’re in their holsters (that’s right, wireless charging!).

Activation and ease of use: Any time I have to read a manual to figure out how to use something I’m a bit disappointed. Especially with a product as commonplace as headphones. There are no buttons on the PaMu Scroll, everything is Bluetooth and touch-activated. There are small lights that flash or signal connectivity, but it’s hard to deduce what they mean. Long story short, these earphones aren’t intuitive and they are a bit difficult to use. It’s hard to know what type of touch or where the touch needs to happen in order to play/pause music, change the volume, skip the track or any other features. This is really one of the biggest detractors for me and just putting the earphones in your ears can cause you to accidentally change the song.

Is It In? A huge requirement for me with in-ear earphones is how easily they go into the ear and whether or not they stay put once they’re there. For in-ear headphones, the PaMu Scroll are a bit clunky and it’s a bit challenging finding the perfect fit. There is no hook that locks the buds in the way other headphones offer, and there is no connecting wire that allows them to hang around your neck should they fall out. I took the PaMu Scroll for a test run on my bicycle where I both listened to music and spoke to my sister on the phone. During my 30-minute ride, one of the earphones did fall out of my ear and onto the street, causing me to have to back track and stop a car to prevent it running over the bud. Because of this, I’d have a hard time recommending these earphones to go out on adventures with you.

Sound Quality: I’m a big audiophile so sound quality is always going to be important to me. The PaMu Scroll passes this test with flying colors. There’s a fantastic balance of highs, mids, and low-end frequencies and I enjoyed listening to all types of music on this device. Also, due to the in-ear design, much of the outside world is blocked out though these are not noise cancelling headphones.

Connectivity and Signal: Once I figured out how to connect the earphones they stayed connected, for better or worse. Sometimes I didn’t want to pair my phone with the earphones but they connected anyways – this can be frustrating, especially if you’re on a phone call. Just tonight I was playing music on my speaker system, but took the PaMu Scroll out of their case and they automatically connected, meaning my music was now playing out of the earphones which I didn’t want. I also tested the distance at which they stay connected and it wasn’t very far – maybe 10 feet with a wall between myself and my device?

Phone Call Quality: The couple times I made phone calls on the PaMu Scroll the calls were crisp and clear both to myself and the person I was speaking with. The only time it didn’t work so well was when I was on my bike and I had to keep my phone muted so my sister could talk without hearing a tornado in her ear. 

Overall: I’d rate these earphones somewhere between a 3.5-4 out of 5 stars. I think they do what they’re meant to do, and the technology is advanced, but there are a few things that are left to be desired. Now, I own four pairs of headphones all for different purposes, so I’m not sure I’d add the PaMu Scroll to the rotation. I feel I’d lose them too easily and I don’t have a good grasp on the controls yet. I also haven’t had a chance to test the battery life. But I think if I was sitting at home and looking for a way to comfortably listen to music or share with someone what I was listening to (one bud for you, one bud for me), that could be a better fit. The other bonus is these are being sold for $39 on the Indiegogo site which in my opinion is serious value. Did I mention they’re water resistant? Not too shabby!

So if you’re looking for some new buds at a good value and aren’t worried about the possibility of losing them, the PaMu Scroll could be for you. Just be careful with the touch-sensitive controls and instant connectivity they offer once paired for the first time.

Thanks to the team at Padmate Tech for letting me try a pair of PaMu Scroll earphones. Congrats on what you’ve built – this is just the beginning!