Icarus Are the Men of the Land

As the daylight hours get shorter and the earth cycles from Summer to Fall to Winter, the vibes shift from beaches to fireplaces and bikinis to sweaters. So too do the musical vibes rotating on my speakers. As I sit here in San Francisco watching the sun setting over the bay, that very transformational vibe has struck me perfectly thanks to Icarus‘ new track “Man of the Land”, out on their new EP This Must Be The Place on November 30th.

Icarus are a brotherly duo hailing from Bristol and are one of those groups that I sometimes overlook but whose style I’m always impressed with. Icarus cover a wide spectrum of dance music but what I’ve found is there’s always a good beat combined with melodies and vocals that appeal to late night ravers and mainstream fans alike. “Man of the Land” gets you lost in a trance and the driving vocals of Real Lies keeps the tune moving in a compelling direction.

Icarus explain the EP’s concept: “The theme of this EP is based around always moving from one place to the next, or running away – as well as the thoughts, feelings and emotions which come from living this way. There are moments of feeling free from being tied down and having endless possibilities. But there’s also a loneliness and anxiety that comes from simply moving on rather than addressing your problems. It’s not about making a judgment on people who are in that situation, it’s just an exploration of a yin-and-yang lifestyle.”

Previous to “Man of the Land”, Icarus released “Echoes” which reached #3 on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Chart. Ever since the duo released their debut album in 2015 they’ve come out with a string of hits played all over the world by major DJs, radio stations, and podcast. Something tells me that’s not stopping any time soon!