ICYMI: The Sexiest Man Alive Is A Badman

I first knew him as Stringer Bell on the HBO series “The Wire”. He was a fucking badass (still is, in my opinion). That role paved the way for Idris Elba’s illustrious acting career. He even had a role on The Office towards the end of its existence, which is a pretty big deal if you think of the success the series had.

But for those who know Idris Elba (who was just named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive) for his acting career, they may not know he’s also a successful rapper, producer, and DJ. Specifically Idris Elba lives in the House music world and his taste is right up my alley. And in case you missed it his track “Badman”, which dropped a few months ago, is a heater.

What gets me about “Badman” is the trance-inducing bass-line which has plenty of drive and seems to go on forever. The playful vocals lay perfectly over the track and when you combine some perfectly-seasoned percussion you have, for me, a true dance floor destroyer.

Bonus for those paying attention – Will Clarke did a remix of “Badman”. Personally it’s not for me, but worth checking out. I’ve also included a recent Idris Elba set. ENJOY!