REZZ Sold Out At the Shrine Los Angeles [Nov. 23rd & 24th]

Happy Holidays MMIBTY Family!

This week is something special for us, we have a multitude of shows to choose from to compliment our Thanksgiving feast and what better way to enjoy the holidays than by sharing it with Space Mom AKA REZZ this weekend at the Shrine here in Los Angeles!

We have been blessed by all of the music being released by REZZ and her many collaborators on her most recent project, Certain Kind Of Magic, especially her 1788 – L collaboration which has taken the world by storm. Not to mention her very spooky and interactive Nightmare On Rezz Street which is full of absolute HEATERS, this has definitely been her year, But what we’re most excited for is to see her close out 2018 with a bang here in Los Angeles.

Now coming up to speed, REZZ has two shows this weekend at the Shrine in Los Angeles [Nov. 23rd & 24th] with some amazing supporting acts. Both of her shows are sold out so we know it’s going to be legendary. Friday Rezz will be supported by Space Jesus who is known for his deep-dark gritty bass music as well as one of her most recent collaborators 1788 – L who will be bringing the slowed down and incredibly intense 110 bpm. This Saturday she will be supported by DREZO and No Manaboth of which have had an amazing year, are a perfect compliment for REZZ and will no doubt be an incredible weekend for the rising star. 

Be sure to check out the remaining tour dates to see if she is coming to a city near you and go support!