Desert Hearts’ Massive 11th Festival Is Right Around The Corner

If there’s one thing the Desert Hearts crew knows how to do it’s throw a party. Having spent my last two New Years with these guys – in Denver and San Francisco respectively – there’s no doubt they know how to spread the joy of House and Techno in a way that few collectives are doing these days.

Desert Hearts parties are consistent. They’re full of energy, art, love, and they go the distance – lasting hours or in the case of their own festival, days. Their fan base is among my favorite, attending events for the love of the music and for the love of each other. These are judge-free zones with awesome clothing and accessories, and bangin’ four-on-the-floor beats.

“Going into our 7th year and our 11th Desert Hearts Festival, we’re just as passionate about our mission of spreading as much love and positive energy as humanly possible. Whether you’re new to our community or an 11 time vet, Desert Hearts Festival is our family reunion that recharges our souls each year. We’re eternally thankful for the entire DH community for making Desert Hearts what it is today. “

Desert Hearts co-founder Mikey Lion

While I personally haven’t had the chance to attend a Desert Hearts Festival, I’m anxiously awaiting my first time this year. The anticipation is building as no confirmed lineup has been announced and always drops close to the start of each festival. Many friends and colleagues alike are attending and I’m excited for the opportunity to meet plenty of new faces.

You can read more from the official press release here and if you haven’t gotten tickets yet do know they have sold out – so hopefully a friend can help you out. See you there!