Hot Since 82 Is “Buggin’” Out

But he’s buggin out in the best kind of way, in anticipation of his new “8-track” album project. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much new music from Daley Padley, who goes by Hot Since 82 when he’s on the decks (one of my favorite names in the DJ world by the way), recently it’s because he’s been hard at work in the studio gearing up for what I can only imagine will be another fantastic release. Hot Since 82 caught everyone’s attention back in 2013 with his infectious remix of Green Velvet’s “Bigger Than Prince” and since that time I’ve been following his work closely. Hot Since 82 is a special artist, curating deep and dark sounds that carry energy and grooves – whether that’s in the studio or during a live set. Anything Hot Since 82 touches is meticulously crafted in a way that’s meant to be unique and body-moving.

“Buggin’” is the first single off Hot Since 82’s forth-coming album and it represents that sound we’ve come to love from him over the years. According to Hot Since 82’s newsletter this week, “Buggin’” “…represents everything I love about club music… driving, uplifting and a little hypnotic. It’s a real nod to the early 00s house vibe that I adore. I hope you like it too!”

Well, I sure can. He described it perfectly… driving, deep, dark, but melodic and uplifting thanks to vocals by Jem Cooke. This one is instantly going into my collection and I can’t wait to see what else Daley has in store for us!

By the way, check out Hot Since 82’s recent trip to Japan as part of his “Even Deeper” tour series.