Pizza & Techno Is Now Offering Contactless Delivery

And the award for “most relevant compilation title of 2020” goes to… Pizza & Techno! It started as some pop up parties in the Bay Area – parks, beaches, lakefronts with speakers and a portable pizza oven – evolved into quarterly parties at premier nightclubs, expanded into cities like Chicago and LA, and more recently into a series of compilations featuring the hottest House and Techno from up-and-coming producers (all for free download might I add). The Pizza & Techno brand is strong and has a dedicated following and with each compilation release I become more impressed with the talent it attracts.

Last week the Bay Are collective released its seventh compilation aptly named No Contact Delivery featuring six tracks to get booties shaking. The compilation kicks off with a bang via Tromme’s “BOYS”, featuring a familiar sample in the form of Kelis’ “Milkshake” but going way harder than many of the versions I’ve heard. Matt Abdalah’s “She’s Got Talent” is a cheeky track talking about talent on the dance floor and summoning Endor’s heater “Phonesex”.

From there we go a little darker and a little more minimal with “Don’t See It” by DJ Samuel Lawrence. A.D.’s “Turn Into a Freak” may possibly be my favorite track of the compilation giving me a late night sweaty dance floor vibe. Of course we can’t sleep on P&T founder Willaa’s banger “Jazztinez” which shows super clean production skills that have clearly evolved over the years. Honestly would not have recognized this as a Willaa production and I love the jazz breaks between driving beats.

We wrap it up with the Flamingo Boys’ “Banging Drums” which closes out the comp in a strong way. There’s no shortage of percussion in this one, alongside some twisted vocals, and really stretches our minds to shake booties differently.

Overall this one is full of heat from start to finish and is just another sign that Pizza & Techno is here to stay and is slowly taking over the world. Grab all the tracks for free below and make sure to show the artists some love!