Artist Spotlight: Stanton Warriors

So let me break breakbeat down for ya. It’s a nice little sub-genre of electronic music that is characterized by a simple 4/4 drum pattern. Now for most House music fans, Breakbeat can seem a little lackluster. Then again, most everything is going to sound blah after sitting through, say an Afrojack set, where big builds and flashy drops are the staple of the genre. Those 4/4 drums, on the surface, seem a little repetitive, but with a talented producer in control, they can weave in smooth poly-rhythms that tickle your ear, and ensnare your soul in a different way.

But enough beat science, let me present to you one of the Grand Wizards of the Breakbeat bizzz: Stanton Warriors (who will be playing at Camp Bisco X)

Peace Division – Club Therapy (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Booka Shade – Mandarine Girl (Stanton Warriors Mix)

Stanton Warrior’s MySpace

See to me, it seems like your typical trash house/trance/dubstep banger is the flashy Guido in club, a lot of flair and no substance. And Breakbeat is the regular dude in the back of the club, nodding his head, sipping on a drink, and chillin’ out. Now if your standing there, which one are you gonna kick it with…

In a music genre (EDM) dominated by garish and overly gaudy, music production, Breakbeat says, “Nah, man, all you need is a good kickdrum, a nice bassline, and a high hat, none of that flashy shit.” Now that’s not to say there isn’t a time and a place for epic builds and the massive drops (I love me some Fedde), I’m just saying sometimes you have step back from all that and ask yourself: What makes good EDM, good EDM?

Once again, you can check out The Stanton Warriors out at Camp Bisco X, and if you’re there and you consider yourself a zealous lover of electronic music, you better not miss it. All of the tracks featured in this post can be found on there their Fabriclive mix, woven skillfully on the tables, and as far as I know you can’t find them anywhere else, so if you got some spare cash it’s fucking awesome and worth every penny because it’s replay value is tremendous.

Here are a few more slammin’ Breakbeat tracks for you collection:

Peo De Pitte – Burning Up (Torqux & Twist Remix) [William VanDyke Re-Edit]

Rusko – Everyday [William VanDyke Re-Edit]

Doctor P – Big Boss [William VanDyke Re-Edit]

Check out William VanDyke’s MySpace