Survival Sunday: Hurricane Edition Featuring R3hab, Feed Me, Congorock and More


Well, as you may know, I’ve been touring the East Coast for a break of Denver living and to get a chance to see Electric Zoo among doing other things. Unfortunately, the big news here all week has been Irene coming to bring the terror to the entire eastern seaboard. Officials are saying that no other hurricane in American history has threatened as many people (AP).  Whether or not you have internet or power for that matter, it is my duty to bring you the REAL news as to what had been happening this week in the world of big releases from your favorite artists.

First, R3hab, who we were scheduled to see in Boston at the Ocean Club this evening but was unfortunately cancelled due to, you guessed it, Irene (skank ho…), dropped this collaboration with Swanky Tunes which you have undoubtedly heard if you’ve seen or heard an Afrojack set anytime in the past few months. Such a banger and a huge release for Afrojack’s label and for R3hab’s rise to fame.

[soundowl track_id=”1l61″ title=”Sending My Love (Original Mix)” artist=”R3hab & Swanky Tunes Ft. Max C” url=”r3hab-swanky-tunes-ft-max-c-sending-my-love-original-mix” ]


Congorock, the beasts behind the bangin’ “One” remix and the dance floor destroyer “Babylon”, just came out with their newest track to much critical acclaim.  It starts out quite progressive and has that other world sound that they’ve employed on their other tracks intermingled with some more melodic house than you’d expect from their other offerings.

[soundowl track_id=”1l64″ title=”Sirius (Original Mix)” artist=”Congorock” url=”congorock-sirius-original-mix” ]


Feed Me’s track “Cott’s Face” which I previewed a few days back was released and the green electro monster has done it again.  If you know Feed Me, you know what you’re gonna get so I won’t waste any time here.

[soundowl track_id=”1l62″ title=”Cott’s Face – Original Mix” artist=”Feed Me” url=”feed-me-cotts-face-original-mix” ]


Finally, and this one has to be my favorite, is Specimen A’s and James D’ley’s remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.  If you were at Identity in Mansfield (or I imagine you might have heard it at some other stops on the tour), Rusko dropped this one during his set.  This song is just amazing to me because it has so many different parts to it; it isn’t just the same drop OVER and OVER again but keeps it real interesting throughout the whole song.  Little DnB here, little Dubstep there, little Electro for fun… You’ll love this one for sure.

[soundowl track_id=”1l63″ title=”Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D’ley Re-fix)” artist=”Daft Punk” url=”daft-punk-aerodynamic-specimen-a-james-dley-re-fix” ]


Hurrichang Special: Soup and I have been throwing up this Spanish house song all weekend by producer Sak Noel.  It’s certainly not the best song in the world but the fact that you get to say “what the fuck” several times throughout the song and that it has an awesome video made this a solid candidate for the hurrichang special.  If you don’t know what the hurrichang is all about, you better axe somebody.