Nero Getting Some Much Deserved Attention This Week

“Must Be The Feeling” was always in my opinion the most overlooked song off of Nero’s 2011 debut album Welcome Reality. In all actuality, Nero is overlooked as it is as one of the biggest talents in dubstep. Well, after this week, it looks like the world has taken notice and, with an abundance of remixes, Nero’s next single is officially born. You should all now know that when Nero collaborates with someone to remix their own track (“Promises” anyone?) that it is going to be a massive affair. This time the lucky producer was fellow UK dubstep legend Flux Pavilion and, as expected, the result is truly awe-inspiring. By now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard this legendary remix so make sure you add it to your collection.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Nero & Flux Pavilion Remix)

The one that I really wanted to share, however, is the new Brookes Brothers remix. With concurrent remixes from such household names as Kill The Noise and Delta Heavy, both churning out blisteringly loud, bordering-on-obnoxious filth remixes, it should come as no surprise that Brookes Brothers’ remix would get lost in the noise (pun intended). With a fair share of the original, a blend of disco basslines and drum and bass, topped off with a healthy dose of those satisfying drops you crave, I don’t think anyone, big name or not, can touch this remix right now.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Brookes Brothers Remix)

And if all this wasn’t bringing enough attention to the dubstep duo, they just released their remix of the Syndicate theme. I’m not sure how EA Games has gotten Skrillex, Flux Pavilion and Digitalism to all participate in remixing the theme music for this upcoming game but the fact that they got Nero to join the ranks and provide probably the best rendition yet is nothing to scoff at. While I am typically skeptical of any game that generates as much hype as Syndicate has thus far, the music treats that have been provided thus far are certainly a worthwhile byproduct. Nero’s remix is progressive and full of their signature orchestral sounds. Definitely not a banger but I’d certainly play video games to it…

Syndicate (Nero Remix)

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