Have You Heard Mord Fustang’s ‘Welcome to the Future’ EP?

Now that I’ve had time to really digest Mord Fustang‘s latest four-track EP (read: listen to it on constant repeat), I thought I’d bring it to our readers here. To be honest, as big of a Mord Fustang fan as I am this one slipped under the radar for me – I wasn’t aware of its impending release but I couldn’t be more stoked that it’s pumping through my speakers as I write this.

Estonian producer Mord Fustang has yet to release a track, original or remix, that I’ve disliked. He has this formula that just works. It’s Electro-House but it doesn’t sound like “1,000 buildings joyfully falling down during the apocalypse” (as Moby describes many of the sounds from 2011 which was a huge year for Electro). His previous release, “We Are Now Connected” is on heavy rotation right now and his biggest track “Lick the Rainbow” will NEVER get old for me.

Welcome to the Future is, simply put, a collection of four more tracks that really establish Mord as one of my favorite EDM producers past or present. Hard-hitting kick drums, basslines, and wobbles combined with his signature leads and synths that ultimately do sound like something from the future. And all tracks coming in at 128 BPM means they will make you MOVE. I had a lot of trouble deciding which two tracks to post on here, so please accept my apologies if you disagree with the choices. The opening track “The Majestic” really got it going for me so I had to post, and “Super Fever” is getting a ton of buzz right now. But don’t fret, you can grab the entire thing at Beatport in crispy clean 320kbps quality.

By the way, if you’re heading down to Ultra Music Festival this weekend, MAKE SURE YOU SEE HIM.

Mord Fustang – The Majestic
Mord Fustang – Super Fever

Mord Fustang’s SoundCloud