Rihanna Finds Love in a Disco Place + Arty & Lucky Date Remixes

Solidisco are a Disco House duo from Buffalo, NY. Brian referenced them in Disco Daze Volume 1 and since that time they have managed to take one of the most popular songs in the world and put a completely different twist on both the original and any remix I’ve heard of it (personally speaking if you want a crowd pleaser, Chuckie’s version works pretty nicely). Yes, I’m talking about Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ sensation “We Found Love”. I don’t know what it is about this song, but girls go insane for it. And with two superstars in Calvin Harris and Rihanna coming together, there’s no way this song wasn’t bound to blow up.

Enter Solidisco. While gaining steam in the EDM world and quickly establishing recognition for their love of Disco House (a timeless classic), they managed to take “We Found Love” and transform it from a Top 40s ballad to a funkier and happier dance anthem. Adding a groovy bassline, a piano lead, and some horns to Rihanna’s voice and Calvin’s synth lines, this thing pops off the right way. I wouldn’t have discovered this track without listening to A-Trak’s monthly Fools Gold Radio show (appeared on February 2012’s edition). If you haven’t given these hour-long sessions a listen, do yourself a favor and check them out. They feature three awesome things: A-Trak’s world-championship-winning turntable scratching (yeah he won that when he was 16), underground/off the beaten path originals and remixes, and his voice-overs that have been filtered to make it sound like a radio show from the olden days (or a Beastie Boys song).

Rihanna & Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Solidisco Bootleg Remix)

Two other remixes I have today aren’t exactly brand spankin new, but they’re recent enough and we have yet to post them. Basically you need to wrap your ears around these.

The first is Arty’s thumping remix of Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects’ “Walking Alone”. It premiered on Armin Van Buuren’s State of Trance podcast several months ago and it gives the original a hard-hitting sound that Arty loves to bring out in tracks. While it floated around on radio shows and in DJ sets, it was finally released in February 2012. It’s no secret I love what the kid does and this one will absolutely get stuck in your head.

Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects – Walking Alone (Arty Remix)

The second track is Lucky Date‘s remix of Madonna’s newest single “Girl Gone Wild”. You’ve definitely heard of Madonna but there’s a chance you don’t know about Lucky Date even though 50,000 fans on Facebook do. He’s a California native, resides in Chicago, and creates hard-hitting Electro-House that has caught the attention of big names like Lazy Rich and Mord Fustang. We posted the Space Laces remix of “Ho’s and Disco’s” but this time it’s Lucky Date’s track that’s creating a buzz. Check it for yourself!

Madonna – Girl Gone Wild (Lucky Date Remix)