Bringing the BoomBox Back to the Mile High

Not your typical show preview coming from us over at MMIBTY but you know what, sometimes you have to get out of your element and jam to some serious psychedelic disco house. It is time for you to get acquainted with the one and only BoomBox. Living in Colorado  you may already have heard of this group as it seems they pass through at least once a month. I got my first glimpse of this duo at this years’ Snowball Music Festival. Let’s just say that myself and two girls had to be dragged from the stage becuase we were having perhaps too much fun. Ever since then I have been patiently biding my time until their return, which comes this Saturday at the Ogden Theater.

BoomBox is made up of Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux (who’s parents were members of the Grateful Dead!). Being longtime friends growing up in Alabama has allowed the two to become completely emerged in the diverse music scene of the deep south. Having this multi faceted approach to music creates a unique experience for the fan as they truly make up the music as they go. The band feels out the crowd and plays what they feel will appeal to that group that night. Bringing along an insane light production with visuals always enhances the experience of attending one of their shows.

“We just want to go out with no game plan. That way it’s fresh for us, and we can follow the energy of the crowd. We’re down to get down, and we hope that people are down with us.”

Tickets are going quick so don’t be cheap, get out there and get your tickets today! In leading up to the show, BoomBox has promised an exclusive Facebook download this week so give the boys’ a “like” if you know what’s good. Below are the important links as well as some free tunage to hold you over til Saturday.

Event Info: Show Site | Tickets
BoomBox: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud

BoomBox – Round and Round

BoomBox – Me and My Baby (Live)