Better Video For Disclosure’s New Song Than We Could Have Ever Hoped For

The two brothers who make up the DJ duo Disclosure have been getting a lot of attention lately. Their sound is very different from a lot of stuff that gets posted on this blog but after seeing this unofficial video on YouTube a few days ago and given the fact that I’ve been listening to their free EP a lot lately, I figured I had to say something about them. The video was made by a fan who compiled some footage from other videos and edited it to the song to create a masterpiece that is nothing short of boner-inducing. I think seeing the video actually helps you appreciate their music more. It did for me. Anyways, if you’re craving some more Disclosure, you can’t pick up the soundtrack to this video yet, but you can head over to their Facebook page to pick up their EP for free. Here’s one of my highlights off that EP:

Disclosure – Blue You