Fun. – We Are Young (REVOLVR Remix)

We’ve loved electro producer REVOLVR over here at MMIBTY for a long while. He continually impresses with his amazing originals like “The Beat Goes On” and “Beats Inside My Head” (the guy likes beats…). He also produces one of the most amazing electro podcasts available today in “The Chamber”. Yesterday, after creating some buzz on his Facebook page (and declining that the remix he was about to drop was of Gotye, to everyone’s relief), he dropped this remix and requested only 150 shares to unlock it for free download. He has reached his goal, understandably, and here we are with a free, awesome remix of Fun.’s single. I was surprised when few jumped to remix this song (maybe because Alvin Risk did such a great job) but REVOLVR injects such a perfect balance of melodic chords and electro drive. If you’re a DJ, play this one out in one of your sets… I’ll guarantee it’s a hit with your crowd.

Fun – We Are Young (Revolvr Remix)

Head to Revolvr’s SoundCloud page for more beats!