Disclosure Shutting Down Boiler Room For 35 Minutes

The two brothers (ages 16 and 19) who make up the UK duo Disclosure that has been getting so much attention lately recently took over the decks at London underground club Boiler Room to put on a brief but rich 35 minute set. As part of their podcast series, Boiler Room has generously released the mix so all of us fans of their music can finally understand what kind of awesomeness can be heard at one of their shows. If you’re unacquainted with Disclosure, their style takes from the garage and dub scenes of the underground UK bass scene with heavy soul and jazz influences. I like to think of it as dreamy future bass. Call it want you want, it’s different and awesome. Get up to speed on some other Disclosure here and peep my favorite remix of theirs below the mix.

Disclosure – 35 Minute Boiler Room Mix

Jesse Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)