So What Happened To Adventure Club?

I might be burning some bridges here but just hear me out. As some of you who have been with us from the beginning know, I have been a LONGTIME supporter of the Canadian dubstep duo Adventure Club. When their tracks first hit the internet, they spread like wildfire. I used to describe the style they implemented on their “Crave You” and “Everything To Me” remixes as oozy and drippy. Like the bass was just melting off the speakers. Those tracks will always be pure bliss for me. Then they produced their first original, “Do I See Color” and everyone was like WHOA! It was way more upbeat and glitchy and fun. Little did I know that this was the end of the Adventure Club I used to play on repeat like there was nothing else to listen to. When Rolling Stone said they were one of the top ten acts to see at EDC and I wasn’t going, I knew I had to see them at Starscape. And there I was in the crowd thinking to myself… WTF? I could’ve been at a dubstep night in Vermont somewhere with a no-name DJ and I wouldn’t know the difference. Just bangers. And because of that, when they played the stuff I loved, it seemed forced and out of place. No room for slow, melodic builds and sweet vocals when all you’re doing is dropping the bass as hard as Skrillex.

Their few latest tracks reinforced what I already had begun to understand. “Wait” was great in concept, with the epic Yeah Yeah Yeah’s sample, but just wasn’t done right. “Rise and Fall” was meh I thought… Just generic dubstep. And “Need Your Heart”? If they got rid of that fucking annoying bleeping, it might’ve been pretty good. Sometimes artists shouldn’t evolve. One solid constant: their music is still all given away for free through their Facebook page. Luckily some great remix artists are picking up AC’s slack and have turned out some of their latest records into “new and improved” ones.

Adventure Club – Wait (Kiely Rich Remix) [How it should’ve sounded]

Adventure Club – Rise And Fall (Keys N Krates Remix) [A little trap goes a long way]

Repost, and I liked the original, but what the hell… It’s awesome.

Adventure Club – Do I See Color (Big Gigantic Remix)

If you disagree with my rant, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section.