Flosstradamus’ Brooklyn Warehouse Party + The X☯ EP

They say “aint no party like a Brooklyn party” and most of the time I will agree. Its probably been 3 to 4 years since I have stepped into a classic Brooklyn warehouse party, and it felt good to finally go back, now this wasn’t Rayhand’s warehouse party (my Brooklyn people know what I’m talking about), but it had the same feeling. As I got to the door of 285 Kent, a whole in the wall in the middle of nowhere in Williamsburg, I saw the line of people that were waiting to get into the sold out show, a bunch of born and raised New Yorkers along with the new generation of Brooklyn hipsters. Inside 285 was nothing surprising, the music was blasting but a wall separated the lobby from the real excitement that was waiting for me on the other side. Around the wall was where the party was really at, a big room with tapestries hanging from the ceiling, blue neon lighting, and a haze of smoke provided by the partygoers. What really separated this show from most of the shows that I have been too is that this wasn’t your standard EDM shows with all the kandi kids and rolling hooligans that most of you are used to. This was a real party, and I am not saying that there weren’t drugs going around but people were mostly getting drinks from the bar, enjoying the music and mostly enjoying each other. Flosstradamus really put on a great show with a great choice in song selections including the singles for their latest EP, X0, and some of the top southern inspired hip hop hits from today.  Rumor is that R.L. Grime will be making an appearance there soon. Below I have left you all a video of Floss performing “Dark Knight” at the warehouse and there is also the link to their latest addition to their “X” series of EPs, with the last EP of the series getting released on 10/18 . DOWNLOAD the new EP HERE and download the first EP of the series from our earlier post HERE. DONT FORGET to catch Floss at the Fools Gold 5 year Anniversary Party in Williamsberg this weekend.

FULL GALLERY from 285 Kent available HERE

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