Manufactured Superstars Destroy Bijou Boston on 10-11-12

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Clad in their usual astronaut costumes, Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo came, saw, and conquered. The duo who make up the Manufactured Superstars, owners of Denver’s Beta Nightclub (voted #1 club in North America last year) and founders of the largest online dance music store, played a two-hour set of bumpin’ dance music where the beat did not stop the entire time. Bijou may not be one of my favorite clubs in Boston – due to its lack of dance floor, high prices, and emphasis on table service – but I will say this: it may have the best sound system of any venue in the 617. As one person put it, “it makes you feel like you’re rolling even when you’re not.” That sound system could probably make my mother sound like a good DJ.

I got there just in time to see the opener wrap up, grooving to his set of Tech-House and typical “opening DJ” music. Soon after, the boys ran up to the booth and dropped their recent single “Serious” on us – a song I have really been feeling lately and have begun working into my sets. From there the beat kept slamming and the Superstars never looked back. Did I mention how dope the sound system is there? Yeah, that didn’t hurt their cause…

Soon after the Manufactured Superstars got the crowd moving with their infectious “Serious” (see video below), they went into a string of songs that varied in tempos and sounds – both ones I recognized and ones that made me say what is this?!. That’s a formula for success in my eyes – a DJ playing a set full of music that is new to me, but also making sure to include better-known and crowd-pleasing tracks. For example Hardwell’s “Spaceman” was thrown in the mix but it was the Carnage Festival Trap Remix that shook the club. Want to see how else Brad and Shawn were all over the map (in a good way)? Take a look at some of what they played:

… And much much more. The guys were absolutely rifling through songs while flawlessly mixing on CDJs connected to a Macbook Pro, using Traktor software (they were also flaunting their Beatport CD binder just in case their computer crashed). And, in typical fashion, inflatable moon men began floating all around the club as souvenirs of a great night. The bottom line is the Manufactured Superstars hit their goal in making their audience dance and have a good time as I described in my preview. Make sure to go catch them the next time you can and keep your eyes locked on the Bijou Facebook page for more show announcements!