Skream / Disclosure Back To Back In The Boiler Room 70 Minutes

If you read my not so Wednesday Weather Report and checked out Bill Brewsters 70 Minute Boiler Room set and enjoyed what the Boiler Room has to offer, than this is something you would really enjoy.

Skream and his homie Benga were referred to by Annie Mac (BBC Radio DJ) as the forerunners of what we now consider EDM. If you dont know who Skream is, please open up another tab and get as much of his music as you possibly can so you dont look like a complete fool. That being said hearing anything private from this individual is a super rare and exquiste treat that only an operation such as the boiler room can offer to all of us stuck in the states. To add the cherry on top he has teamed up with incredible producer Disclosure who I have covered in the past and you can check out right here. Both of these artists offer a great variety  of music that anyone can enjoy, so do not try to anticipate what you are about to hear, just turn your stereo up loud, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Skream b2b Disclosure 70 min Boiler Room DJ Set at W Hotel – Do Not Disturb

“You are one of those guys who spends so much time talking about music you forget how to feel music” – dont be that guy, remember what it felt like to listen.