Alex Metric: Ammunition Pt. 2

Out this week on Skrillex’s OWSLA label  is Alex Metric‘s latest effort Ammunition Pt. 2, featuring three original tracks and three remixes of his amazing song “Rave Weapon”. I thought it was interesting that Metric included “Rave Weapon” on this release as we had posted it back in April of this year when it was included on the original Ammunition EP (Pt. 1). But perhaps his reason for including the track this time around was two-fold: 1.) it’s just fucking awesome and he wanted to make sure it didn’t go unnoticed; 2.) there are three remixes of it on the EP so it only makes sense to also include the original.

With Ammunition Pt. 2 you get exactly what you might expect from Metric, especially after hearing his Winter 2012 Mix that essentially acted as a preview mix of this very EP. Far and away my favorite track continues to be “Rave Weapon”. It’s one of the most unique and funkiest tracks I’ve heard all year, yet when I play it at a club it destroys the dance floor. “Prophecies” is a bit of a chaotic song (you’ll see what I mean when you hear it) that has Electro-House elements while retaining that sort of funk bass I’ve come to associate Alex Metric with. I am very partial to the percussion sounds he uses such as the Congo/Bongo drums and silenced cymbal hits. “Motion Study” (with production duo OLIVER) is a much more relaxed track that falls into the Indie and Nu Disco categories and reminds me of something that might be played in the movie Drive. All three of the original tracks have different sounds when analyzed next to each other but they also have that Alex Metric touch we’ve grown accustomed to. To speak very candidly, I was expecting a bit more from this effort because I hold Alex Metric to such high standards. But I’m sure this one will grow on me and he will continue to produce tracks I adore.

As for the “Rave Weapon” remixes, we see work by Aeroplane, Mark Starr, and ƱZ. Without a doubt my favorite remix is by UKF artist ƱZ who took the jam and made it a Trap masterpiece (Trapsterpiece?) I’ll be honest in saying the other two remixes didn’t really do it for me (the Aeroplane “Droid” remix is slowed down and takes the track from a banger to a chilled out Deep House tune; and the Mark Starr remix basically added 808 drums and a shit load of hi hats) but feel free to check them out yourself by purchasing the entire EP over at Beatport.

Alex Metric – Prophecies
Alex Metric ft. OLIVER – Motion Study
Alex Metric – Rave Weapon (ƱZ Remix)

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