JNTHN STEIN turns up the funk with Master Control ft. BXRBER

We’re taking a trip away from pure EDM this week with “Master Control,” a new track from JNTHN STEIN featuring BXRBER. Don’t worry though – this guitar heavy funk-fusion number is bound to please. From start to finish, “Master Control” uses excellent production and solid riffing to keep the listener enthralled. BXRBER‘s lyrics provide the track with a much needed flow and ideal accents.

Based in Brooklyn, JNTHN STEIN cites an incredible palette of musicians as influences. From Lizst to Limp Bizkit, it’s clear that JNTHN STEIN knows his music history.

But we’re not here for influences.

“Master Control” is a sweaty, funk laden track emphasizing minimal elements but superb production between them. The track starts out with a down-tempo guitar rhythm that persists, a slow juggernaut, throughout the length of the song. There are some curious guitar flourishes added in, notes that typically wouldn’t fit in a more conventional pop or dance number. These add texture and flavor to the track and clearly reflect STEIN’s background in classical music and jazz.

Soon, BXRBER’s vocals cut in. Given the sparse instrumentals, BXRBER’s lyrics fit the jigsaw from the first beat. There’s no stopping the persistent, driving rhythm on “Master Control,” not even to let BXRBER’s lyrics breathe.

The song is stronger for it. Far from the grand crescendos of many dance tracks that grow and die quickly, “Master Control” insists on a head-bobbing persistence that is perfect for a hot summer’s day. In the heat, who has the energy for the drama of an explosive dance number?

Well, yeah, most of us. Still – it’s good to hear stylistic divergence in the genre. “Master Control” also sets itself apart from STEIN’s own repertoire, which typically veers towards synthy dance numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, of course: “Master Control” is still mesmerizing, and well worth the listen.

Interesting to note is that STEIN’s repertoire frequently reflects his classical and jazz background in a danceable, electronic, and accessible format. Color me impressed – those influences all too often translate poorly to dance music.

Listen below, and make sure to check out the rest of JNTHN STEIN’s work on his Soundcloud.