Electro Avenue Vol. 4 Featuring Torro Torro, Nom De Strip, James Frew and More!

Welcome to the fourth edition of our series: Electro Avenue. This segment features the best tracks from the world of Electro-House, whether they’re newly released or something we’ve dug out of the crates – taking this avenue will make your heads nod and your speakers shake!

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Well it’s been a minute since I’ve posted an Electro Avenue update so you can bet your ass I have some treats for you today. First up is a track I found thanks to the incredible Tommy Trash. I had the chance to play this one at the House of Blues Boston when I opened up for the Barstool Blackout Tour and let’s just say the crowd reaction was impeccable. James Frew did an awesome job on this bootleg mashup, combining the beautiful vocals of Florence and the Machine’s “Spectrum (Say My Name)” with the SICK drop of Umek & Beltek’s “Out of Play”. This one has been on repeat for me, crank it!

Florence and the Machine vs. Umek & Beltek – Out of Spectrum (Say My Name) (James Frew Bootleg)

When I posted Torro Torro’s Fall 2012 Mix last week, a couple tracks stood out to me. One of them was their remix of 2 Edit‘s “Datsun Tropicalia”. It has that signature Torro Torro wobble sound on the drop, but the song remains an Electro-House jam with a sped-up Moombahton feel. I’m really big on Torro Torro right now and if this song doesn’t sell them I don’t know what will.

2 Edit – Datsun Tropicalia (Torro Torro Remix)

Anytime  British producer Nom De Strip comes out with a new track I know to expect two things: it’s going to be a banger, and it’s going to have a very unique sound (click HERE for our post on his track “My Life”). Well, the following track which was produced with Peo De Pitte, fits both those criteria. Heavy on the fart bass and light on, well, nothing, this track will make you get low and get dirty. You can thank Chris Lake’s Rising Music for the release.

Nom De Strip & Peo De Pitte – Big Knobbler

Two More Songs After The Jump!

You know you’re sitting in a friend’s car and he or she is controlling the music only to drop a jam on you that makes you say what is this?! – yeah that happened to me last week after the Manufactured Superstars show in Boston. The song was called “Make Some Noise” and I had to go on a search to find the exact tune. Cranked out on a 5-speaker Bose surround system, I was digging this one hard. And if you listen below, you probably will too. Shout out to Roman Alexander for this one.

JDG & JayyFresh – Make Some Noise

JDG SoundCloud (he’s 19 from Australia) | JayyFresh SoundCloud (he’s from Arizona)

Lastly is a bangin’ remix of Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris’ new track “Iron” which I posted recently. This comes from Dyro, who really made splashes with his track “Top of the World”. You heard that one if you saw any House DJ over this past summer and there’s a good chance you’ll be hearing his remix of “Iron” as well.

Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Dyro Remix)